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 Conditional Sentence

3 basic and major structures:



If যুক্ত clause টি  present tense হলে অপর  clause টি

হবে present / future tense


* If they invite me, I will go there.

* If he gets, he eats.

* If he has time, he usually goes to school on foot.

* If man drinks poison, he dies.




If যুক্ত clause টি  past indefinite tense হলে অপর

clause টি হবে -

* Subject +   /could/might/would+V.base form + others.



* If I wrote them, they would respond me soon.

* Rana would consol them if they cried at the

   absent of their parents



If যুক্ত clause টি  past perfect tense হলে অপর

clause টি হবে-

* Subject +  /could/might/would+ have + v.p.p + others


* If they had had much money, they might

   have been happy.

* If she had studied hard, she could have

  obtained a first class.


Some Other Important Structures:    



Were/Had+subject+others+অপর Clause টি

হবে -

* Subject +     /could/might/would+ v. base form + others


* Were they studious, they could obtain the degree.

* Had I much money, I would buy a car.


Structure-5 :

            Had + sub + v.p.p + others + অপর clause টি হবে-



      * Subject +   /could /might/would+ have + v.p.p + others



Had she found the right buyer, she might have sold the house.

* Had they given money to the people, they would have made them happy.


Structure-6 :

Unless / যদি না :

* Unless + affirmative verb + -----  + negative verb.


* Subject + verb + unless + subject + verb in present form.



I can’t go unless I finish my work.

Unless I hurry, I’ll miss my bus.(If I don’t hurry, I’ll miss my bus.)



In case / পাছে যদি (শর্তহীন্তা বুঝায়)

I’ll give you the book, in case you need it.


Sample Question:


Q. Had we reached the station, we......celebrated the function.

a. would have              b. could have been

c. might be                   c. would be